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Open to everyone, everywhere! There will be five winners!


  • Reblog this post
  • Have either Pokémon X or Pokémon Y
  • Be sure you’re ok with giving me your friend code
  • That’s it


  1. Gets to choose two of the six pokémon!
  2. Any of the remaining four pokémon
  3. Any of the remaining three pokémon
  4. Choose between remaining two pokémon
  5. Gets the last pokémon

I will try to infect all of them with Pokérus, therefore the Shiny Eevee might evolve (not much though, I’ll do it in Santalune)

If you wanna know more about them or can’t see the crappy photos, you can find all theirs stats, nature, characteristics and moveset here!

Ends on 30/04  (if you’re in the USA, 04/30)

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Happy Earth Day!

An original by LOK Character Designer, Angela Mueller.

Earth Day cheer from our pals at the Nick Animation Studio (but most importantly, the Carrot Spirit).

Hey look, guys! I did art! Yay! 

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Fave ghost type - Banette \o/

Pretty old drawing 

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I am getting so frustrated with my art lately… GUH
I saved this sketch just cause. It’s like a mix of Rarity and Mitzi from Lackadaisy


I am getting so frustrated with my art lately… GUH

I saved this sketch just cause. It’s like a mix of Rarity and Mitzi from Lackadaisy

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Process work for my Animystics illustration, all the way back from the start when I was considering doing a porcupine :B

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working on a piece to go with this 

Guys, guys, guys, you need to start following beneviolentskytreader for some kickass artwork. I mean it. Look at that. I started following Beneviolent ages ago, and basically get these sweet artworks on my dash that are always interesting and beautiful and brighten my day or leave me thinking or have me staring for ages (like this one did).

Go check them out!

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Female Titan Makeup by Florea Flavia

This is the best female titan cosplay I’ve ever seen.


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King of the night.

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In Which Diversity Isn't a Myth



Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some…

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Drawing fan art

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To launch the introduction of the books I’ve been binding to my Etsy store, I’m holding a giveaway! Check out what you might win on my Etsy!

1st Prize:

  • one 11x15.5cm hand-bound coptic-stitched book of your choice from my shop
  • two art prints
  • and a postcard pack.

2nd Prize:

  • three 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks
  • one art print
  • and a postcard pack.

3rd Prize:

  • two 14.9x10.5cm soft-cover saddle-stitched notebooks,
  • and a postcard park.

Rules & Conditions

  • Runs from 20/03/2014 — 24/04/2014.
  • Like and reblog to enter. You can reblog multiple times, but please consider your followers’ dashboards!
  • No giveaway only blogs.
  • Winners are picked with a random number generator. (First draw wins first prize, etc.)
  • This giveaway is international. 
  • Please be contactable, either by having your ask box open, or another means of contact clearly displayed. I’ll message you about postage details.
  • Best of luck!


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This is my entry for the Free! BL Fanbook cover contest <3

The deadline of March 30th was stressing me out because I’m leaving for a couple days tomorrow… But I made it ;____;

I just wanted to do something with butts okay?

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I did a thing for a contest and I think it turned out pretty durn cute

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